As part of Justine’s mission to make high-quality skincare advice more accessible, she enthusiastically engages with the press. Her medical expertise and practical, friendly advice have earned her a devoted following among patients and readers.


Dr Justine Hextall's Guide To Sensitive Skin


  • An expert’s guide to skin infections: Dermatologist Dr Justine Hextall reveals the best treatments that are available over the counter

  • How much sun cream do you really need?

  • Dr Justine Hextall, a consultant dermatologist with Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust, explains how to reduce redness and pain.

  • Why do I get dark circles under my eyes when I’m tired?

  • Why spring sun’s such a risk for skin cancer: Forecasters predict weeks of good weather. But rushing outside after months indoors can be deadly.

  • As thousands develop tumours on their ears and even the soles of their feet… The hidden hotspots that could expose YOU to skin cancer.

  • Here’s how to revive skin that’s been saturated with make-up this year.

  • So can a cream cure cellulite? We ask the experts.

  • Are YOU suffering with a strain of INCURABLE antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

  • EXCLUSIVE: Dermatologist reveals hidden sun dangers that might give YOU cancer

  • Doctor warns of DANGEROUS reactions and LUMPS after facial fillers and Botox


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